Is Everlywell a reasonable testing choice for you? We put Everlywell trying and administrations under serious scrutiny. We portray the entire customer experience in this post so you realize what to expect. We likewise examine how its tests contrast with your other wellbeing testing options.

It is a common experience of discomfort when you have to go to clinic for tests. One may even regret the experience. At times when the test is quite personal level and lifesaving. These desperate times when we have to travel to the clinic or hospital and go through a distress.

Always thinking about one thing that if there would be a way to get the test done in the comfort of our home where we could do it alone and no one’s presence specially no one there to check on the results if the results are immediate. That is open secret behind Everlywell. It’s a test home collection kit. Its producers claims to be providing the discreet for home testing kit for over 30 tests for following categories

  • Fertility tests
  • STDs
  • Food sensitivity tests
  • Modest testing in the comfort of your home an sound way to take precautionary measures for your health
  • It’s a prepaid device along with all the materials required in the shipped package
  • Tests variety available including health, wellness, age and sex related issues. 

It’s a modern turn in the testing science. But what really matters is that the results of the tests are not fully guaranteed. And all it does is that it saves the patients from embarrassing tests and they can do it by themselves at their home. But this is not a competition to the million dollar spent labs results.

It’s an Austin based company and the CEO Julia Cheek initiated this ideology of providing the samples and simple tests kits to the peoples home and people sending the samples to the company and receiving the results digitally. In this process people don’t have to step out of the house and they receive the results at their home. That’s the reason people got along with the idea and the product was a hit.

Basically what Everlywell does is to connect the people with the labs and the results are amazing.

How it works

The whole procedure is of 3 to 5 working day max after sending the samples to the labs. The waiting in the que is over for the patients. They just stay home and send samples as prescribed in the kit to Everlywell and it delivers the samples to the labs and labs deliver the reports digitally to the patients. In this whole scenario the authenticity of the lab is more important as the company only delivers the samples and takes all precautionary measures as prescribed to keep the sample as it is asked for.

The company has earned quite a respect among the people by providing almost 30 tests in discreet testing atmosphere in the minimum prices. People have found the service quite attractive and the results have been quite impressive as well. Doctors have started accepting the results and the good will has been growing each day.

The company even provides the on call or on video call consultation after the test positive. So the company has taken second step in providing the hospital facilities in the home comfort.

Why one should trust Everlywell

Their group at Inner body Exploration went through roughly 85 hours involved testing and exploring Everlywell items and administrations, in addition to examined its rival scene. They assessed the whole client experience, from requesting tests to gathering tests and afterward going over their outcomes. They likewise contacted the client care group with questions individuals like you are probably going to inquire.

How Everlywell is evaluated

In the event that you need to study your wellbeing through self-directed home testing, you have a few choices to investigate. Is Everlywell an ideal choice for you? While much depends on the specific exam(s) you wish to take, we set up five measures for surveying Everlywell and how it acts in the home testing field: test exactness, cost, practicality, client support, and security.

Test Accuracy

Like most home tests from confided in organizations, Everlywell’s tests give significant outcomes when performed by the unit’s guidelines. Be that as it may, the expression “exact” has its constraints. Home tests let you do precisely that – test. They’re exact as long as they give precise estimations, however utilizing them to self-analyze isn’t fitting.

Each test outcomes’ fluctuate. Some give an indisputable consequence of negative or positive. Conversely, others offer a more speculative proportion of where your outcome fits on a scale or a numeric worth. For instance, food affectability test results mirror your degree of reactivity (a resistant reaction) to explicit food sources. Most tests additionally can’t distinguish whether a contamination is dynamic. Bogus negatives or positives are consistently conceivable, principally on the off chance that you don’t gather your example unequivocally as indicated by the guidelines. However supportive as home tests seem to be, they are not a swap for in-office clinical consideration or an interview with a specialist, which can reduce the opportunity of superfluous nervousness or misinformed consolation.

Like other sound home testing organizations, Everlywell utilizes Research center Created Tests (LDTs) – tests planned, created, and acted in a solitary lab and regulated by the FDA. The entirety of the labs that interaction Everlywell tests are CLIA-guaranteed or CAP-authorize and follow government and state guidelines for lab testing.

Along these lines, while home tests like Everlywell’s give results basically the same as those you’d get from an in-person specialist’s visit or clinical lab, they don’t analyze conditions. You ought to talk about with your PCP any outcomes that create you concern or turmoil.

In the course of recent many years, Inward body Exploration has helped a huge number of pursuers settle on more educated choices about carrying on with better ways of life. Their testing group buys, tests, and analyzes a wide scope of tale health administrations, home tests, and other wellbeing related items. They then, at that point compose surveys and guides that educate you about the whole experience so you realize what’s in store.


Everlywell’s tests are evaluated equivalently with those of other home wellbeing testing firms; notwithstanding, limits as coupons, advancements, and memberships make Everlywell quite possibly the most modest choices accessible. In the event that you perform continuous testing, its participations give huge limits of up to half off. While an in-person lab test with protection inclusion might be more affordable, we discovered Everlywell’s tests to be a magnificent worth and sensibly estimated – and the comfort component adds to this worth. Everlywell tests may likewise be qualified for repayment by means of your HSA/FSA inclusion.


While getting the test units required roughly seven days, mailing the examples to the labs for the most part just a few days, with regular notices. In spite of Everlywell’s notice that there might be delays, we accepted our test brings about a normal of two days. Everlywell imparts delays through email and on the Test outcomes page of your record. Generally, Everlywell’s speed is similar to or better than that of other home wellbeing testing firms.

Customer Support

Everlywell works effectively at giving clear guidelines in each test pack. You can likewise discover subtleties on the tests and how to utilize them in both composed and visual substance (site instructional exercises, bit by bit directs, guidance handouts in your test unit, and recordings). Everlywell’s FAQ area is useful in the event that you need additional data, and on the off chance that you actually have questions, you can find fast solutions by means of visit, email, or a call.

We liked having different approaches to connect with questions. The client care group rushes to react, proficient, and supportive in resolving your particular inquiries. We likewise discovered the client assistance delegates empathetic and steady. While we just suggest the online talk for direct inquiries, messaging and calling brought about fast, individual, and itemized reactions – frequently inside 30 minutes by means of email or a couple of moments on the telephone during customary business hours. Off-hours, it can take marginally more.


Everlywell has various safety efforts set up to ensure your protection and secure data. Bank-level encryption and security conventions defend your wellbeing data, and a HIPAA-agreeable stage stores all your data safely. No one but you can get to your test outcomes, in spite of the fact that you can decide to impart them to whomever you wish. You’re constantly urged to impart troubling outcomes to your PCP. Everlywell stores your records for all time; you can contact its client support group in the event that you’d like them erased.

Everlywell conveys your test in a careful plain earthy colored box. The solitary educating data concerning what’s inside is that the return recipient says: Everlywell. You may wish to think about that, in specific states, obligatory answering to wellbeing offices is basically for certain infections. For instance, in the event that you test positive for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, or hepatitis C, Everlywell is legitimately needed to report the outcome to state wellbeing offices. Wellbeing divisions gather this information to follow the pervasiveness of new diseases for general wellbeing while at the same time securing your protection; relatives, companions, or businesses can’t get to it. This prerequisite is something very similar on the off chance that you go to your PCP.

What is Everlywell, and who is it for?

Everlywell makes testing for normal wellbeing concerns simpler, more helpful, and more mysterious than in-person lab testing. It’s anything but a steady, instructive experience to engage you to screen your wellbeing. Your test outcomes get audited by a board-ensured doctor before Everlywell imparts them to you. In any case, these tests are not a trade for face to face or virtual clinical consideration from your PCP. We see the greater part of these tests as an “initial move” toward improved wellbeing.

Austin-based Everlywell was established in 2015, getting one of the principal online commercial centers for home wellbeing tests. Today, it’s quite possibly the most believed suppliers of home wellbeing testing. Like locally established medical care everywhere, Everlywell’s ease of use and scope of tests have improved after some time. In spite of the fact that its contributions have extended to address a more extensive assortment of wellbeing concerns, its costs have gotten more moderate. Like all home wellbeing testing organizations, Everlywell has its limits. A few tests give more decisive outcomes (negative or positive) than others (more theoretical tests that identify the presence of something like antibodies). In case you’re encountering troubling manifestations or you get abnormal test outcomes, you should look for help from an in-person clinical supplier right away.

Everlywell tests are for grown-up use; those under 18 ought to get tests straightforwardly

Here are the tests Everlywell Provide to its customers.

Testing for Food Sensitivities

Price: $159

Collection Method: Just a finger prick of blood

Discover how your body reacts to 96 various types of meals, including the impact on your immune system. This test may be useful for customers who are attempting an elimination diet due to digestive problems such as stomach discomfort. People either appreciated Everlywell’s simple method or were suspicious about the veracity of the food sensitivity test, according to reviews on Amazon and other websites

Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test

Price: $199

Collection Method: Just a prick of blood

.They accept that everybody has sensitivities… Be that as it may, you may find out about your individual sensitivities by stepping through an exam for 40 basic allergens both inside and outside. Decide the wellspring of your side effects, like wheezing, watery eyes, and a scratchy throat. Trees, weeds, molds, parasites, and different irritations are instances of sensitivities.

Heavy Metals Test

Price: $199

Collection Method: Urine sample

Decide if your wellbeing has been hurt by risky materials, especially an abundance of minerals or hefty metals like arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and others.

While the food affectability test got the best fire on the web, some Reddit clients scrutinized the legitimacy of the outcomes. In particular, specialists are not playing out the finger tests, which implies clients may unexpectedly pollute the discoveries.

In any case, the vast majority accept that the firm isn’t truly swindling anybody or, in logical terms, “reevaluating lab work.” The technique is basically unaltered.

STD Test – Female or Male

Price: $199

Collection Method: (Female) Vaginal swab, prick of blood; (Male) urine, prick of blood

Take a restrained test for the most communal STDs:  like HIV, syphilis, Herpes Type 2, Hep-C, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis, and Chlamydia. God forbid if the test is positive you are referred to a GP for the assistance.

HPV Test – Female

Price: $89

Collection Method: Vaginal swab

Other sexually transmitted disease testing does exclude a test for the high-hazard HPV. Analyze for the 14 HPV genotypes that can cause to cervical malignant growth. Everlywell’s sexually transmitted disease testing got blended audits, outstandingly on Amazon. A few clients said that their discoveries were wrong, causing them huge concern and dissatisfaction, especially when meeting with a specialist who gave conflicting counsel.

COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit

Price: $109

Collection Method: Nasal swab

See whether you have Coronavirus without gambling an in-person assessment. This FDA-supported test can give you discoveries in just 72 hours. On the off chance that you test positive, you will be given a free discussion with a specialist who will encourage you on what to do straightaway. This test is given by your medical services specialist, so on the off chance that you have side effects, discover quickly.  Everlywell’s sexually transmitted disease testing got blended audits, remarkably on Amazon. A few clients said that their discoveries were erroneous, causing them critical concern and disappointment, especially when meeting with a specialist who gave conflicting exhortation.

Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Test

Price: $259

A more comprehensive version of the food sensitivity test, offering a wider range of foods for the well-traveled foodie.

Thyroid Test

Price: $159

Collection Method: Prick of blood

Test levels of three thyroid hormones: TSH, T3 and T4. Thyroid testing can help identify symptoms of fatigue, constipation, weight gain, and other concerning symptoms.

FIT Colon Cancer Screening Test

Price: $49

Collection Method: Stool sample

Perhaps the most requesting clinical assessments may now be finished from the solace of one’s own home. The Fecal Immunochemical Test can recognize colon malignancy ahead of schedule by evaluating for the presence of blood in your stool. The test is just offered to those matured 50 and over.

Sleep and Stress Test

Price: $199

Collection Method: Urine

Test for fluctuations in hormones that affect your sleep quality, namely cortisol, cortisone, melatonin, and creatinine.

Men’s Health Test

Price: $199

Collection Method: Prick of blood, saliva

Men can be tested for four essential chemicals that straightforwardly affect their wellbeing, mind-set, and sex: drive, muscle, and energy.

Testosterone Test

Price: $59

Collection Method: Saliva

Guys who are having disposition, energy, or sex drive issues may be tried for testosterone inadequacies. The testosterone test is particular from the general male wellbeing test.

Women’s Fertility Test

Price: $149

Collection Method: Prick of blood, saliva

Women who want to get pregnant can get a hormone test to see if their ovaries are functioning properly, which is directly connected to fertility.

Perimenopause Test

Price: $99

Collection Method: Prick of blood

If you are a woman who is concerned about menopause and having symptoms, you should take a Perimenopause test to determine where you are in the menopausal cycle.

Postmenopausal Test

Price: $99

Collection Method: Prick of blood

When menopause occurs, hormone levels fluctuate, as do your body and mind. Changes in the Estradiol and Progesterone hormones should be monitored.

Ovarian Reserve Test

Price: $49

Collection Method: Prick of blood

If you want to get pregnant but are having trouble, test for egg quantity and whether it corresponds to your age.

Women’s Health Test

Price: $399

Collection Method: Prick of blood, saliva

In case you’re a lady, center around 10 chemicals that impact you at all ages to evaluate your general wellbeing. There may be a lopsidedness in the event that you have a wide scope of indications.

Metabolism Test

Price: $49

Collection Method: Prick of blood, saliva

Examine your hormone levels to see if they are fluctuating, since this can have a direct impact on your weight reduction objectives and daily energy levels. A good test for someone who has been dealing with their weight for a while.

Cholesterol and Lipids Test

Price: $49

Collection Method: Prick of blood

Check your cholesterol, lipid, and triglyceride levels if you believe you have heart disease. Get total, HDL, and calculated cholesterol results.

Heart Health Test

Price: $99

Collection Method: Prick of blood

Determine your risk of heart disease by doing a more thorough examination and testing for other data such as hs-CRP and HbA1c, which measures blood sugar levels over the last 90 days.

Lyme disease Test

Price: $109

Collection Method: Prick of blood

No one thinks about Lyme disease – until they learn it’s the source of common symptoms like headaches, joint pain, and tiredness. If you are concerned about ticks, a Lyme disease test may set your mind at ease.

Folic Acid Test

Price: $89

Collection Method: Prick of blood

You may have B9 deficiency if you have persistent tiredness or blood problems. Before making dietary changes, check for B/9 folic acid.

B-Vitamins Test

Price: $89

Collection Method: Prick of blood

Determine whether you are receiving enough B-vitamins in your diet. A lack of B vitamins, namely B6, B9, and B12, can cause a range of symptoms, including poor health and tiredness.

Vitamin D and Inflammation Test

Price: $109

Collection Method: Prick of blood

Check your vitamin D levels to ensure that your bones and cellular health are within normal limits. The recurrence of inflammation might be explained by a vitamin D deficiency.

Everlywell labs are CLIA-ensured and even CAP-licensed by the School of American Pathologists. All testing should hold fast to “thorough guidelines” for dependability and solidness. The organization concedes that their interaction of taking examples may vary from a neighborhood facility, specifically in that they don’t need an entire vial of blood to rest one test or even different tests – simply a little blood test.

Indeed, they often shed massive quantity trying out from a middle. Everlywell people are fashioned of a medical accumulating that reveals solutions for difficult medical questions through way of “monk’s bio marks.”

The connections aren’t a discretionary medical different option, however instead “similar assessments” which might be prepared through an expert in an equal studies middle for you. The good sized factor is that Everlywell assessments the workplaces off web page.

Doctors, in any case, direct assessments and self-sustaining pal audits in the end effect technology and medical practice. Albeit now no longer all professionals at Everlywell begin to lead the pack, as visible at the web page web page in technology. It moreover has a logical and medical caution board to test that actual trying out is actual and substantial.

Eventually, Everlywell continues up with it by no means sells patron records and ensures absolute safety inferable from encryption innovation within side the bank, as do different sketchy Internet corporations who look at assessments.

Discount Codes

Use these “live” Everlywell coupon codes to get free delivery and 15-25 percent off the quoted price of the Everlywell food allergy test and associated reports.

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Everlywell tests work with doctors, not against them or instead of them. Understanding this will assist you with understanding the impediments of off-site testing, in particular that the organization can’t analyze an infection, as though a virtual staff part were behaving like a specialist.

You should in any case see a specialist in the event that you presume you have a genuine affliction or condition. In any case, the extent that different tests go that are identified with ordinary wellbeing, Everlywell offers a watchful method to get the customary testing experience you need. It just so happens the testing occurs off-site in similar labs you trust.

For specific tests like Coronavirus, food bigotries, or sexually transmitted diseases, the assistance could be priceless, particularly on the off chance that you’re not in any case slanted to go to a close by center. Nonetheless, it’s anything but an assistance to utilize in case you’re attempting to keep away from specialists totally. Specialists should talk with you to get more foundation data and side effects you might be encountering.

Not exclusively is keeping away from a doctor rash, yet in specific states you will be unable to utilize a particular test, in lieu of a center arrangement. Then again, this home unit will be a much needed development for somebody that needs to eliminate humiliating and upsetting in-center visits that are normal and preventive.

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