Keeps is a membership-based telemedicine manager that provides articles about hair loss. They provide some medicines to treat male hair loss.


 Keeps is an American company headquartered in New York that provides men with various hair loss drugs. Keeps offers a variety of anti-hair loss products. The organization did not claim to solve the problem, but indicated that these elements can help combat demonstrations. Keep items containing minoxidil from reliable sources and finasteride from reliable sources. The FDA has approved these two products to prevent baldness. The organization declares that all its projects have passed FDA verification and logic review. Ensure the overall safety of the on-site audit. Participating in meetings held on the Internet is beneficial to customers. Provides a free start for online interviews with experts.

 The commenter further stated that the article is reasonable and confident in the organization. In any case, negative investigations show that the treatment plan is only effective for bald men and is not effective for other reasons. Some commenters also pointed out that insurance companies do not underwrite the Keeps project.

Keeps provides basic interviews with a licensed therapist who will test a person’s response to online consultations to determine the best treatment plan. The expert will do everything according to the person’s specific requirements.

Using the Keeps mobile app, customers can access the expert normally, and the expert can answer all questions about their device. Experts can also assess the patient’s progress and provide useful advice.

 After consultation, the organization expert recommended that the person buy one of the few items.

Keeps provides the following products:

 Tablets: Keeps provides daily tablets of finasteride solution for people who have hairline baldness, parting or parting.

 Effective use: This effective use of minoxidil can reduce hair loss and cause hair regrowth on the top of the head.

 Foam: Foam containing minoxidil can slow down baldness and make the hair grow again when typed and typed.

 Cleanser: Keeps provides two types of shampoo; anti-dandruff, anti-dandruff, irritation, anti-dandruff agent and thickener. The organization recommends using the two interchangeably.

Conditioner: Maintain thick conditioner to promote healthy hair growth. The organization recommends using this product in combination with a thickener cleaner.

Fortunately, if you are one of many bald men, there are several logical and FDA-approved drugs. Medications do not provide a good solution, but if your baldness is caused by a lack of men, they can help you stop baldness, keep your hair, and even let you grow hair that you think is acceptable.

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Keeps is a telemedicine protocol created by members to treat and combat hair loss. The list they provide is limited, with only two FDA-approved recipes for hair loss. They buy non-exclusive drugs directly from their laboratories, which allows them to provide completely cheap drugs. Their purpose is not to imitate family affairs, but to provide you with a calm, wise and prudent way to protect your scalp.

Keeps Advantages

  • Convenience-All meetings and backups are conducted online, and medications are delivered directly to your home.
  • Quality: All Keeps Doctors have been approved by the authorities and samples are ready.
  • A full-time doctor will review your appointment and talk to you until the end.
  • Moderate: In regular pharmacies, the absolute cost does not account for a large part of the purchase price.
  • Basic discussion and essential medicine month are free.
  • Fast and efficient: The entire interaction usually takes a week or less.
  • Get half of your first application, just for our readers.


  • The treatment plan is only effective for men, such as thinning hair
  • There is no direct video call, but you may need to talk to your PCP over the phone.
  • Clinical meetings are not available in all states, but you can choose medications until you get them elsewhere.
  • Keeps does not cooperate with insurance institutions and does not meet the requirements for HSA

How does Keeps Work

In most men with male baldness, Keeps tries to prevent baldness and allow hair to grow back. Keeps offers several clinically effective alternative treatments for hair loss: 2% shampoo

 In the light of research 

 80% Male pattern hair loss men who take finasteride report crown/crown Stop because of finasteride.

 About 66% of men with thinner hairline can stop using finasteride. 66% of men report that their hair will grow back after taking finasteride.

 66% of men believe that minoxidil can effectively prevent hair loss.

 Most men who use minoxidil notice that their hair grows back on the top of the head. Less obvious one-fifth men noticed the re-growth of minoxidil along the hairline. There is some evidence that the combination of these two treatments is more effective for men than one treatment alone.

Keeps provides access to hair loss medications through its website. The entire consultation and treatment planning cycle is conducted on the Internet. Once you have decided on a treatment plan, your medicine will be delivered directly to your home.

Open the Keeps package.

Keeps team set themselves the goal of creating a permanent solution from scratch, realizing that hair loss drugs like finasteride and minoxidil are only effective when the patient continues to use it. When a Keeps expert briefs you on your treatment plan, most of the cycle is completed before you approve your first treatment via email. From now on, this is a very easy to understand automatic recharge operation, as long as you are satisfied with the result, you can continue. All management and membership packages provided by

  • Keeps are designed to solve and advise on the shortage of men. Hairline
  • Minoxidil 5%, foam or styling agent, for shrinking hair during hair loss
  • Finasteride + Minoxidil-combined treatment of additional hair loss or hair loss/reduction of hair loss and hairline
  • Cleanser to remove dandruff and irritation (also available as an option). Using this cleanser alone will not cure hair loss, but when used in combination with the above-mentioned drugs, it may be useful in certain tests that have not been evaluated by the FDA.

If you have a solution now or live in a state where telemedicine is not yet legal, you can also order one of the drugs listed above as a member. How much would you pay at the general pharmacy.

Because hair loss drugs are considered superficial, they are rarely covered by insurance agencies or not covered by HSA.

Keep your expectations in limit


The fight with male hair loss involves support, because as long as you continue treatment, you will stop hair loss, but if you interrupt or stop treatment, you will continue to lose hair. If you take anti-hair loss drugs (finasteride and minoxidil) at the same time or separately, it will take several months to see significant results. For hair growth, you should not expect positive results until you have used the prescription for four to six months.

Work Flow to avail Keeps service

When you visit the Keeps website for the first time and use this connection, you will receive half of the initial inquiries, and during your visit, you will be asked to choose alternative treatment options. You will find:

Select of a plan

  • Finasteride is only suitable for fine hairline, but it can also help improve the hairline, crown and crown
  • Minoxidil is only suitable for baldness at the highest point of the head (usually also called Crown or crown)
  • Finasteride and minoxidil as concomitant treatments to completely reduce baldness, double baldness or severe baldness
  • If you don’t know which treatment you need or how to repair your baldness, there is another one below “Let the doctor decide” option.

Profile completion

No matter which option you choose, it will be compared with your screening survey at this stage, which includes standard file data (shipping address, contact information, and key) and clinical examination. If finasteride is necessary and reasonable for you, your attending doctor will check and support the appointment.

This survey will memorize detailed information about your family background, baldness and lifestyle tendencies. It will also provide you with information about hypersensitivity or anticipated existing conditions. Finally, you will be asked to send a photo of your hairline and head the highest point.

Attention. If you live in a state where telemedicine is prohibited by law, you will not be able to perform this clinical evaluation. Under the same conditions, Keeps provides you with the option of sending medicines from external experts. Designed specifically for finasteride or 2% ketoconazole cleaner, you really want to join their member design and receive these recipes.

Doctor Consultation

After completing the survey, your data will be sent by one of the internal experts. You may have to wait up to 24 hours, but most calls will be answered within 4 hours. Or three hours.

If you choose a specific membership plan in level 1, the expert will ensure that the formula is what you need and is what you need, and then send you solutions for these measurements. If you choose to “make a decision” with your doctor, he will send you the medicine based on your clinical judgment.

4. be careful with your prescription.

Once approved, the drug will appear near your home within 5-7 days. Ship via UPS to your local USPS distribution center. Point USPS will deliver it to you cleverly. You can also request specific transportation services, and Keeps will handle it if the situation permits.

Keeps Medical Counselling

These clinical discussions are usually conducted through smart online surveys, which include questions about your lifestyle, family background, and medical history. It also includes photos of your scalp or problem areas, and in some cases, phone conversations with experts.

Courage: Your first interview was in vain, allowing you to visit the therapist for a year without restrictions. Your next appointment in one year will cost $5

These clinical tips currently meet four requirements:

Initial review: When everyone logs in for the first time, a licensed physician will review each person’s data to ensure that their type of baldness can benefit from external data. Through his plan, his risk of fighting finasteride or minoxidil is not high.

 “Let the experts choose.” This type of initial examination is designed to help patients who are unsure whether to take finasteride or minoxidil.

Other recommendations. It is aimed at people who actually start their plans six to two months in advance. During this meeting, a licensed doctor will review your treatment experience to see if everything is going as expected. After a period of time, Caps needs to be interviewed at least once a year to further process his medication. Patient-oriented discussions. If you have any other questions or receive a negative response, you can request other suggestions.

Clientele Facilitation

When choosing a telemedicine organization, it’s not just cost to consider. Imagine a scenario where you need to oppose your request or upgrade your membership. You will need incredible customer support. After all, Keeps provides all standard support alternatives for customer support. You can contact your group via email, text message or phone. According to their website, the customer support team provides services from Monday to Friday. , 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST.

In addition to these standard contact types, it also provides all-day free service by notifying its authorized technicians every day. If you want, you can also talk to experts over the phone. Talk to an expert when it brings great relief. If you are worried about evaluating another drug, just knowing that you are seeing a specialist can be very relaxing.

Although we have gradually gained an overall positive commitment to help Keeps, we must admit that some customers have performed poor audits on the customer service team. Customers complained that the organization made monthly withdrawal from the program a real problem.

Membership Announcement: We only need to briefly report our investigations of many administrative departments and telemedicine organizations that provide membership elements. We have seen this objection in most organizations that provide membership elements in negative reviews. In fact, besides telemedicine and health articles, there are mainly complaints about members and management articles. Many people basically don’t understand and learn the rules of membership articles. In fact, we are there ourselves! Understand and carefully read the detailed rules in member products before purchasing.

This is of course a problem. Although most customers do not have this problem, it is reportedly common in bad opinion polls. This is definitely something to remember before deciding to buy Keeps. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the membership terms before purchasing.

 Scheduling Order

 What is the status of scheduling? For any telemedicine organization that delivers drugs, transportation is an important factor to consider. The potential customer pays $3 in shipping for each request. lthough not completely free shipping may be confusing, but keep in mind that each shipment contains a three-month supply of items. Delivery month. This is not bad in our book.

 As stated on the Keeps website, your first request should appear within two weeks. Finally, the entire cycle starts with talking to experts, receiving solutions, and sending requests among them. Then, when you start to become a member, please make regular submissions regularly. It can be said that the development of the situation is very solid. We like this, we don’t have to worry about monthly reorders or personal pharmacy visits.

Website Overview

Finally, we must talk about the last part of the Keeps organization: your website. When you open the landing page for the first time, it is well structured and looks satisfying. There is a lot of data about real help, such as complex baldness and the medications that Keeps must provide. Very educational. In addition, Keeps has a huge FAQ page with a lot of data. The query editor can easily enter any question and find the answer quickly. We have nothing to complain about. When we talk about a website, we should probably point out a shortcoming of the website: We (and many others) found that Keeps did not describe the symptoms of the recipes they provided very directly. They are registered on the website and they are not visible. In fact, you may need to search a lot of data to find this information.

 Some people are worried about this because finasteride and minoxidil actually cause side effects. We hope that the organization will continue to spread information about it. Obviously, they may not completely ignore the possible symptoms of these drugs. You can find them anywhere on the website. In short, your Keeps expert will inform you of these side effects when you virtualize them. …After considering all of this, this is not the end of the world, just some small things that Keeps can change.


Everyone wishes for a perfect visual image of his or herself. Hairs undoubtedly one of the major outlooks of an individual. What really matters is that hair loss demotivates a person and breaks his or her heart. Hair loss shakes the confidence of the person from the core. But keeps gives you a ray of hope to get your confidence back. If provides you reasons to believe that you can have your attitude towards life back. And in the process you find out more about yourself which was hidden behind your hairs. Keeps is an option you can opt to improve the strength of your hairs back. Keep will not let you down.

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