Kratom is a tree with dark green lustrous leaves. It is mostly native in Thailand Indonesia Malaysia Myanmar. In these countries traditionally the Kratom leaves are chewed for muscular pains and anxiety. In these cultures it is also used to increase the energy level and appetite or sexual desire. The extracts of leaves are also used to heal wounds.

According to the US DEA and other examinations, Kratom is used in general public to cure pain anxiety dejection and opioid. However in last few years the popularity of Kratom has increased massively among the users. According to a research people are not very excited and interested in chemical drugs but they are more inclined towards natural and herbal extractors to put in their body if they really have to.

In one’s day to day life there is depression headache and pressure and anxiety and pain. The remedy is Kratom. So lots and lots of people are using Kratom now a day as a home remedy. In this obsessive search of right Kratom there has come up lots and lots of vendors who claim their Kratom is pure and best. In this regard please follow the guidelines to find the best Kratom vendor for your purchase.

Kratom Research

The most important aspect that depicts the reality of the vendor is that how much research available on their website. You must research a lot before finalizing your vendor for Kratom. As much research material is available on a vendor’s eshop as much is it reliable.

Kratom Customers Reviews

There is nothing more comforting on a Kratom vendors website then reading users reviews about their experience of using it and if this particular Kratom has resolved their issues. So make this a habit of going through all the reviews and remember that your search for a reliable Kratom vendor is incomplete without satisfied reviews from existing users.

Lab Tests

It is very important that you are using the pure Kratom and it has no addition to it specially any metals. For the purpose, it is mandatory for the Kratom you are buying should be tested and verified its quality and purity from independent labs. And the results should be mentioned on the website. Do not hesitate to verify the results by calling the lab and checking on the authenticity of the results. Once you are satisfied do start the specific Kratom.

In this quest of finding the right vendor I have conducted the trail of all major suppliers and here are the top five Kratom vendors I find on my standards as the best in every regard

  1. was established in 2016 and since then it has been delivering the best possible solution to all its customers in shape of powder and capsule form of pure Kratom.  It has all the testing results available on their website for Kratom purity and quality that we can review. Kratom is imported from Indonesia which is the native homeland for plant. From there it’s packed and sent to their facility in Canada where the testing capability is also available. The believes in only the quality which should be excess able to the customer in form of powder or capsules. has the highest quality Kratom till date in the market and has the best reviews by its customers. It’s a very customer friendly place to be and customer really likes to spend time on the website. That is one of the reasons why there are excessive reviews of the customers explaining about their opinions about how Kratom has helped in their life.

The payment and money back guarantee is one feature that attracts a lot of customers.  All the new customers always get 10% discount on all the products. There is a customer reward program available on the website by joining it customers can get lots of discount options. offer free shipping to all its customers.

Fastest available delivery is one of the best features of services. “The order must be delivered to the customer within 24 hours maximum”. This is quite impressive. Their stock management system is quite awesome and website is updated on daily basis. 

As a customer one always inclines towards the reliable and honest venders and is one such brand that briskly impresses its customers with quality within their reach on time. It’s pricing and quality is making it a very major player in the market.

It was started in Canada and anchored its headquarters in Las Vegas Nevada. has consistently worked its way according to the mindset of the customer. It has established itself just as a customer would like a vendor to be. From the quality test reports to its classy state of the art packing to the quality of customer service and reasonable pricing to money back guarantee services. And last but not the least the best delivery service available in town.  All these are the standards why is a major player in the Kratom market.

Pros and cons of

  • It is highly recommended affiliated with American Kratom Association
  • Purchase all Kratom from the base source in Indonesia to ensure the best quality available.
  • Most used and effective 11 Kratom strains available at
  • In shape of powder or capsule available according to preference
  • Different products has different level of quantities available for your selection
  • The quality is always preferred at that’s why product is double sealed.
  • There are multi-level testing environment established at goldenmonk to ensure the quality.
  • The customers highly recommends the product in their reviews
  • Fastest delivery available
  • Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product


  • The quality might be too strong for some users due to its extreme original quality. Product Range

Either you like the powder form or capsule form. All variety of different products is available for your use.

There are different varieties of strains available in capsule forms

  1. Super green Malay
  2. White Maeng Da
  3. Red Bali
  4. White Bali
  5. Green Borneo
  6. White Borneo
  7. Red Indo
  8. Red  Thai

It is always preferred to buy the goldenmonk, products by its original website where it’s originated from. It has the best available hospitable environment where you don’t find yourself lonely in quest for finding the best Kratom

  • Kraken Kratom

A well trusted and established name carried by generations in the Kratom Market. The company carries a wide range of quality products to meet the requirements of its customers.  Its product range has a variety of potency level in order to help customers to experiment with different strains to choose the right one. Kraken Kratom holds an herbal solution to all customer needs

Brand Overview

One of the most trusted Kratom vendors in the market for a long time has a very pure beginning. The business initiative is the thought of Stratton Brothers. Which was a herbal product factory later stepped in the Kratom business. Kraken has been providing Kratom to its customers for last 15 years. And it has the longest and deepest relations with the Kratom harvesters and suppliers from Southeast Asia for the longest times. Each and every class of Kratom is imperiled to its quality and purity and highly qualified testing system defined by the labs on the website for every stain for the satisfaction of the customers.

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 Kratom for Therapeutic purposes

The company has specialized in supplying Kratom products for Therapeutic purposes as well. If you are looking a herb to treat

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

Kraken Kratom is your remedy without a shadow of doubt

Merits of Kraken Kratom

  1. Quality can be found 100% biological and responsibly sourced Kratom
  2. Exclusive varieties of strains
  3. Different quantity levels available
  4. Third party testing and guarantee available on the website
  5. Overwhelming rewards and discounts available for the customers
  6. Free shipping
  7. 30 days return policy
  8. Empty capsules and further equipment available

Product Range for Kraken Kratom

It has the highest quality of vegetal products available in its directory. This includes

  • 19 products in powder and leaf forms
  • 21 products in extracts and enhanced Kratom form
  • 13 products in capsule form

It is mentioned on the website by its customers to use kraken Kratom simply because its 100 % pure and original.  Kraken Kratom is the first American Kratom Association approved member.  And has never compromised on its quality.  The facility is highly sanitized and clean in order to maintain the quality of the product alive in stock house as well.  Continuous screening of raw material is part of daily routine for making sure of the quality and standard.

In terms of purchase the kraken products one should only prefer the original website because the classic pure and original kraken Kratom products are only available on kraken Kratom web store.

  • Kratom Spot

Kratom Spot is considered to be one of the, if not the largest Kratom seller in the world. A company based in California established since 2014.  Kratom spot has been working its way above all odds in pursuit to bring the best possible Kratom for its customers since inception till date.

They import the original Kratom from the natural habitat of south East Asia to California. The exercise of delivering the best Kratom all around the world has made a Kratom Spot a big name in the market and known for its unlimited and quality supply in the market.  Their wide range of products includes red green and white powders and extracts.

Their core value of company is based on the quality of Kratom products during all these years. This includes 30 unique strains.

As an industry leader Kratom Spot has a very legitimate process of quality and testing also mentioned on the website to bring the best quality products that are actually highly accepted by the customers. It also keep putting polls on the website in order to collect the required data from the customers to develop the variety of products up to the level of expectation of their customers

Manufacturing Process

At Kratom Spot the quality and manufacturing is not just a word. They actually mean that. They actually have the largest production facility in the industry of all its Kratom products available. All the products are tested resulted in different private labs. Every new product once manufactured is sent for proper testing and resulting process thoroughly before it’s sent to customers.

The Shopping Experience of Kratom Spot

It’s a very unique and interesting shopping process at Kratom Spot. When a customer approaches the eshop he or she get the first feeling as he is not alone. He feels like home. All kind of information required for a customer to purchase Kratom are available at the eshop. There are different offers always awaiting the customers according their product requirement and budget. Delivery service is always free for the benefit of the customer. And how ever one need any kind of information or query regarding any product website is always available to consult and get your answer.

Kratom Spot Products

Kratom Products are available in

  • Powder
  • Capsule
  • Leaf
  • Extracts

The quality of all the product range is as 100% and test reports are available in the website for the customers to review and analyze.

  • Starlight Kratom

From the essence of the Mother Nature starlight Kratom brings the most purified Kratom in the state of the art packaging for its valued customers.  It spreads the knowledge of Kratom among the people who seek a valued solution to their health issues. It educates people with the details of analysis mentioned on its website about the usage of Kratom as a product for the resolution of all the issues related to the customer’s awareness.

Starlight Kratom slogan is to create a balance between health body and healthy mind. And it is quite successful in it if you read the reviews of the customers. The wide ranges of all the products available at website are all natural and chemical free. One could guarantee about no side effects what so ever with the usage of the products.

Legitimacy of Products

The one place that is believed, for its exceptional supply of morally reaped finest Kratom products for its customers. From the natural habitat of Indonesia imported best quality of Kratom is processed in the finest facility at Starlight. And go through the most authentic third party lab testing process in order to bring the best available product in the market. In order to maintain the validity and effectiveness.

Starlight not just advises the Kratom usage but also emphasis on the healthy and meaningful lifestyle for all its customers.

White Borneo Kratom

The white Borneo Kratom is one of starlight’s best products in the market. It is one of the rarest Kratom available right now.  As white veins do not appear often on Kratom leaves. It is most likely to work as coffee in our daily life. Starlight only uses natural veins in its products to deliver you the original taste and benefits. This Kratom can be used in your drinks as well as you can use them in a capsule shape as well.  

The customer care and delivery service at starlight Kratom is awesome. They are doing everything right according to the market competition. The customer satisfaction level is more than 100% with all the products and due to swift round the clock immense delivery set up it’s considered to be the best customer experience all around.

All the Kratom Products are premeditated out of high eminence natural components. Especially all Starlight products are free from all addictive pesticides, Metal contents synthetic chemicals. The capsule products contain 0.5 mg of Kratom in it and you can take them with water or with your food.  All the third party lab reports are available at the website for its customer’s satisfaction.

As of the purchase advice like always we advise you to purchase the product right from the source because they have all the related material available to be read before you order the products.

  • Kats botanicals

Kats Botanicals is a top supplier of wide range of Kratom products. The brand was initiated by Kats family in 2016 and since then they have never looked back. Starting from the best Kratom imported from the Southeast Asia to processing it with the natural extracts and delivering the best available product in the market. Kats Botanicals has made a mark of its quality immensely.  The company is located outside New Jersey and all the products are produced in USA.

Some of the interesting reviews of the customers state that the taste of the Kats botanicals products range is very charming and pleasant. This can be related to the leaves handpicked and naturally dried out in sunlight.

Pros and Cons of Kats Botanicals

  • It presents 100% biological and uncontaminated Kratom strains
  • All the Kratom leaves are sourced from Indonesia
  • CGMP certified vendor
  • All the reports are published on the website
  • AKA certified
  • Customer satisfaction level 100%
  • Product range available in powder and capsule shape
  • After sale service is classic
  • Delivery time is outstanding
  • Money back guarantee is certified
  • Pricing is very well arranged


  • Eventually due to large number of orders sometimes products become out of stock
  • Free shipping is for order worth more than 100 USD

It is observed that lot of adult Americans suffer with anxiety depression and chronic pain related health issues. And study proves now that Botanicals Kratom brings solution to all these issues and bring the person back to normal life.

It’s a relief to finally realize that Kats Botanicals has fully implemented the current good manufacturing practices in their facility of testing for Kratom products advised by the American Kratom Association. There is a whole page available at Kats botanicals website exclusively about lab testing and processing of its products.

You can only buy the best botanicals Kratom products at their official website and experience the reviews and other material available on their website to be satisfied with their products. Also about the questions if you have any in your mind you can collect answers for them from the website as well


Always remember, Nature and your bodies are made to complement each other. But only Kratom will not address your problem. You also have to take a deep look in to your lifestyle. Should you require any changes in that also support that and Kratom with bring you back on your track of healthy and long lasting happy life.

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